Hangovers Suck

Why Suffer?

We finally know how to combat the symptoms of having a few…

We Can Get You From This…

Weak, gasping, piteous.

To This!

Strong, Dynamic, Virile!

(Well, maybe not strong and virile, but at least feeling better and able to function!)

A Different Standard

Effective Doses

Other companies skimp on dosages to save money, but that’s not how we roll…

Proven Ingredients

No “eye of newt”, no “newly discovered” mystery ingredients, no Old Wive’s Tales.

Tested, & Tested Again

We test our products for purity both coming into and going out of our FDA Approved facility.  If it says it’s in there on the label, it’s in there.


Real science.

Real Results.

Just good, safe ingredients to help you feel better.

Ditch the Hangover

There’s more than one way to skin a cat…


Helps the body keep up with metabolizing of alcohol and real time detoxification.


Helps process alcohol, normalize sleep, and prevent the next day shakey, nervous feeling.


Now you’ve done it: but this will help fix what ails you, including nausea, headaches, and general ghastliness…

( * Who comes up with these sayings?!  Why are people skinning cats?! And why do they need more than one way to do it?!?!)

There’s No Doubt It Works:

I’ve tried every kind of cure, and this is the ONLY stuff that does what it’s supposed to!

Roland Albermaryle

Houston TX

I gave all the girls in my stagette HANGOVER zero, and we were all in the pool by 10 am!  It’s amazing!

Jenna Doyle

Tampa FL

HANGOVER zero is a must have after a night out with the fellas.

Dillon Jacobs

Boston MA

I’ve always thought that there MUST be a way to fight hangovers, but the other remedies I tried failed.  THIS one works!

Clay MacDonald

Portland WA

Formulated for Maximum Effectiveness

Capsules $29

The Raconteur Set $59

Trans-dermal Patches $19

If our stuff doesn’t make you feel better, you may need a Doctor!


You may have poisoned yourself.

Go get checked out.


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